Program DAY 1 Saturday,  9th January

Time table (PDF)

Detail of Program(PDF)

  • President Address    [E/J]

“Past, Present and Future of Disaster Nursing”
Speaker: Hiroko Minami, RN, MPH, DNSc
(University of Kindaihimeji, Japan)

  • Information Lecture   [E/J]

“WHO View on Influenza Pandemic”
Speaker: Kathleen Fritz
(WHO/Western Pacific Regional Office)

  • Educational Lecture  [E/J]

    “Disaster Nursing Education”

      Speaker: Donna M. Dorsey, MS, RN, FAAN

       (National Council of State Boards of Nursing, USA ) 

  • Symposium           [E/J]

“Toward Better International Collaboration”
Various disasters happened in all over the world, such, as Tsunami, Earthquake, Cyclone, Floods, and others.  We invite the speakers to address their international collaboration in health aids at the disaster time for future improvement.

Speaker: Dr. Amy Yuli Zang, Sichuan Union University (China)

Speaker: Donna M Dorsey, National Council of State Boards of Nursing (U.S.A)

Spealker: Kevin Davies University of Glamorgan (U.K.)       

  • Plenary Session

Oral / Poster

  • Photo Presentation

Photo presentation will be placed at the wall of conference hall for people to share the situation.

  • Nursing Science Café                        

  • <Conference registration not required>
  • Speaker: Sunshine Chen, RN
    (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Nursing, Hong Kong)
    And Others

Nurses are in front line at disaster site to save the life and empower the people to live.  We invite future nurses to hear from experienced nurses of actual disaster nursing practice.  Purpose of this session is to disseminate what the nursing and stimulate motivation of young people.

  • Open Forum     [E/J]            

  • <Conference registration not required>

“Message of 15 years Recovery from Earthquake in Kobe”
15 years had passed from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.  During 15 years, the people of Kobe had worked with professional to create new community resilient to disaster.  On this forum, participants are lay people and professional who made community together.  Hope to send message from Kobe to the world.

Educational Lecture                [E/J]

“Disaster Nursing Education”
Speaker: Donna M. Dorsey, MS, RN, FAAN
(National Council of State Boards of Nursing, USA )

  • World Reports of Disaster Nursing     [E/J]

  •  Speaker: Hamidreza Khankeh, RN, MS, PhD
    (Karokinska Institute, Department of Public Health Science, Division of Social Medicine,
    Speaker: Sri Warsini
    (Gadjah Mada University, School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Indonesia)
    Speaker: Ziani Amar
    (Ministry of Health, Morocco)
    Speaker: Mariko Ohara
    (The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing, Japan)
  • We will receive the reports from various experience of disaster nursing all over the world.  Introduce characteristics of specific disaster and creative activities to fit the people at the site.  Purpose is in providing opportunity to share the experience to the other nurses.
  • Disaster Nursing Network     [E/J]

  • ICN Network
    East Asia Disaster Nursing Network
    Japanese Nursing Association
    WHO Global Network
  • Panel Discussion                    [E/J]

  • “Care for Caring Professional”
    Caring professional has committed to care for the others without enough care of themselves.  It is crucial for caring personnel to be in good health in order for them to function to help others.  We will examine the states of system development for supporting caring personnel at the disaster time and following after.  We invite panel participants from Police, Fire agent, Education and other helping profession.
  • Plenary Session

  • Oral / Poster
  • Photo Presentation


  • Nursing Science Café                       

  • <Conference registration not required>
  • Exhibits


Note: Some programs/speakers will be changed at the time of conference due to unexpected considerable circumstances.